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Introducing the Ease of Access Center


Introducing the Ease of Access Center

Introducing the Ease of Access Center
Almost all the settings you need to manage accessibility in Windows 10 can be found in the Settings app, but some are still in the older-style Control Panel. There are several way to open Ease of Access Center easiest method is to type Ease of Access into Start Menu search box.

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Note that the Control Panel and Ease of Access Center are not available in Windows 10 Mobile.

The Ease of Access Center presents options and links as a vertically scrolling panel.

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At the top are quick-access links to the most common controls. These include the Magnifier, the Narrator, the onscreen keyboard, and the high-contrast color scheme.

Below these quick links are the remaining settings. These are as follows:

Use the Computer Without a Display: Settings to optimize your PC for people with severe visual impairments.

Make the Computer Easier to See: Settings that can increase the size and legibility of items onscreen.

Use the Computer Without a Mouse or Keyboard: Enables you to set up alternative input methods for the PC.

Make the Mouse Easier to See: Increases the size and changes the color of the mouse cursor.

Make the Keyboard Easier to Use: Activates features such as sticky keys, which make it easier to use multiple key combinations as well keys used with Shift or Ctrl.

Use Text or Visual Alternatives for Sound: Gives people with auditory impairments visual notification of events that usually use audio to alert the user.

Make it Easier to Focus on Tasks: Lets you adjust reading and typing settings.

Make Touch and Tablets Easier to Use: Contains settings specifically for tablets and touchscreen devices.
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