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descriptionWhat the Presidential Elect Could Mean for Cyber Security EmptyWhat the Presidential Elect Could Mean for Cyber Security

Now, first I would like to say that even though the possibility of the election machines being hacked was indeed there, I believe since they have backup methods in place anyway, there is nothing to worry about. But that's another story.

Nonetheless, the news that concerns many internet users is what the new Presidential Elect will do to improve cyber security, so that we can continue to have a free and safe internet.

Now, it's plain obvious that Donald Trump uses Twitter pretty well, Hillary Clinton's email security is being compromised almost constantly, and the other candidates do not tend to using the internet as much. Whom do we choose? Who is more internet savvy? Any candidate?

“I think the question really is how much emphasis do they put on” cybersecurity, says Ari Schwartz, the former senior director for cybersecurity in the White House National Security Council under President Barack Obama. “We do expect it would be a major national security agenda item.” “The threats are growing and changing at a rate where it is just not good enough to have analysts try to flag and catch issues,” Schwartz says. “We need machine learning and automation to keep up with the curve.” Source

Honestly, we need cyber security at the forefront for technological policies. Here is what needs to occur:

  • Cyber defense policies on the agenda as part of the Department of Defense, especially with the rise of foreign military technological hacks.
  • Adapt and be open to technological problems with the systems to ensure backup of important data, especially governmental data.
  • Improve the readiness of counterintelligence on online based activities to ensure hacktivism closes its doors.
  • Continue to battle the dissemination of private information and leaks.
  • Counter the security threats of ransomware to avoid locking out of governmental computers, major US company computers, and other important computers.

Obviously, more can be stated to improve, but this is the minimal and start of what I would think should be on the agenda. Then again, this is my expert opinion on cyber security threat mitigation. However, there is more territory to explore.

So what do you think?

descriptionWhat the Presidential Elect Could Mean for Cyber Security EmptyRe: What the Presidential Elect Could Mean for Cyber Security

I'm honestly curious to see how this pans out, because it could change much of the current scope in the cyber security industry!
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