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descriptionHillary Clinton Lacking Credibility for Cybersecurity Dealings

One of the most important things in our nation and world today is cybersecurity, due to how many people have adopted a "digital identity." Overall, our nation and world's identity problems, including exposures of personally identifiable information (PII), are becoming too complicated and need to be addressed by our world leaders before it gets out of hand. Our world system is focusing on tech, and money, credibility, and personal identities are at risk!

Here is some latest news on this growing issue (updated a few days ago) -- Notice: our views do not reflect the views of this site, but outline this for informational purposes only:

Daily News wrote:
For years, it has been clear that one damaging legacy of the Obama administration is its record on cybersecurity. Damaging leaks, hacks and simple carelessness have afflicted everyone from the National Security Agency to the General Services Administration to the Central Intelligence Agency.

Now, it is the FBI’s turn for embarrassment. Its late discovery (via former Rep. Anthony Weiner) of hundreds of thousands of emails that could be pertinent to its criminal investigation of Hillary Clinton has fueled greater confusion and disrespect for those tasked with the core functions of government.

Of course, given the infighting and incompetence at the FBI — unfortunately playing to federal type — there’s reason to believe Clinton’s lead against Trump will extend right through to election day. Officials are now under so much fire from Democrats that pressure will be immense not to torpedo Clinton at the finish line with some smoking gun lifted from Weiner’s trove.


descriptionRe: Hillary Clinton Lacking Credibility for Cybersecurity Dealings

This was brought to my attention earlier this past week:

Department of Justice Office of the Inspector General announced that it would evaluate the FBI’s handling of its investigation into Hillary Clinton’s email use. Led by DoJ Inspector General Michael Horowitz.


FBI Director Comey Faced New Investigation Over His Handling of Hillary Clinton's Emails

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