Rex Brynen wrote:
Donald Trump has repeatedly questioned or attacked structures that Canada views as essential to international peace and security: the NATO military alliance, and UN and other multilateral institutions. He expresses support for Russian policies and perspectives, while placing in question the future reliability of Washington's commitments to US friends and allies. His campaign has been actively assisted by the Russian intelligence services. He openly favors nuclear proliferation. Trump's rampant and boastful Islamophobia seems likely to give ISIS and other radical jihadists a major boost, while complicating global counterterrorism efforts. The corrosive impact of all this on Western security could be devastating.

The bigotry unleashed by the Trump campaign also runs counter to the idea of multicultural toleration, something which—however much imperfectly and unevenly applied — lies at the heart of modern Canadian political values, and stands as a national interest in itself. It is hard to see how the election of an bullying xenophobe to the most powerful position in the world could have any effect other than to fan the flames of global bigotry.

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