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Sirs & Ladies.
An unexpected consequence of having to replace my hard drive was the discovery that Yahoo Mail no longer support Pop3/Imap for Outlook unless you pay a monthly premium for Yahoo Premium. I see no reason for this.
My problem is that I can no longer get into the .pst file for one of my accounts so have lost the emails, calendars and contacts there. Does anyone know a way of accessing my data without going through Outlook.
As this account is specifically for my genealogy work the data is needed but not available elsewhere. I will back it up in a different format if I get it back.

In hope, Allana Clare

P.S. I was recommended to this site by a fellow member of 'The Free Dictionary' community (username there Drag0nSpeaker)

descriptionRe: Access to contacts

If you replaced your hard drive everything is gone. Is this the case?

descriptionRe: Access to contacts

No. I kept everything on external memory of different types. In this case another hard drive. I just needed to access the file to get at any contacts.
I had a bit of luck on another forum and was given a link to download a program that opened the file.
how to open .pst file (
I'm sorry to have bothered you here when I lucked out elsewhere, but hope I may have helped someone else in the process.
Allana Clare

descriptionRe: Access to contacts

Not a problem.I'm happy for you.
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