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descriptionInteracc Email Money Transfers

First of all, my mistake. I thought I trusted this person I had never met and I really badly wanted to make it to my event that night, that I agreed to email transfer almost $1500 for 4 tickets. She accept the money, keeps talking to me , telling me its going to be shipped in time blah blah I realize i've been scammed after it too late.

I call my bank immediately, he says there is nothing they can do to trace which bank account accepted it or where the money went.

Now is this true?

I always thought you must use your Real Name in order for it to go through. apparently not.

If I get the police involved, is there a way to subpoena their bank records to trace where my money has gone ? (with a bank report or my statement or.. will they be useless too)

very expensive lesson learned but I find it hard to believe that in this day and age my bank refuses to help me.

I've been reading around and some sites say that tracing is possible if i request it.

descriptionRe: Interacc Email Money Transfers

I'm sorry for your loss. If I were you, I would get the police involved.
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