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descriptionImportant transfered pics are gone

Hey guys. I think I may be reaching here, but I was transferring pictures off an sd card to my external hd. The first 25gb's worked fine. If you selected the DCMI? folder there were two sub-folders (each by date) Like I said the first folder of 25gb's transferred fine. I then erased those pictures off the sd card and then selected the next sub-folder. I did everything the same. There were only 575 pictures and it took about 5 mins to transfer. Without looking, because I assumed it had worked just like the last set I had just transferred, I deleted those off the sd card as well. When I went back to look at the pictures on the external hd, the second set was nowhere to be found. I clicked on the recycling bin and tried to restore, but it didn't do anything and then somehow the recycling bin was empty. They were really important pictures to my fiance and if there is anyway of finding or getting those pictures back, I would really appreciate the help. Thanks, Joe


Try photo recovery program, provided from thrid party vendors.

I'd recommend you to try Stellar Phoenix Photo Recovery, a professional utility to recover deleted or formatted pictures from sd card or other storage device. You can download the demo version for free and scan the problem SD card for deleted folder. Once the software found the deleted folder, It'll list all the containing images in no time.

You can surely recover them if software lists them in the result. Please note that you'll need to register the software before actually recovering those photos.

Important Note: Avoid using the SD card till the deleted pictures weren't recovered as any copy/move operation will overwrite them and make photo recovery program incapable to recover anything.

Hope it helps!!

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