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descriptionCan not boot in safe mode

I have a dell inspiron desk top with windows xp software I can boot in normal mode but when I try to boot in safe mode I get the blue screen and the chkdsk direction so when I boot in normal and run chkdsk I get no problem detected,I also can't update windows or access the firewall to turn on. I downloaded ms security essentials but when I try to run it I get file not found. I purchased a pc cleaner tuneup program off the internet its fast again pc booster but when I try to run it the scan runs for ever and never goes past the active x com section I contacted the software manuf. and the tech was unable to resolve my issue after a good 30 mins so he made a sales pitch that for $180.00 the techs there could give my computer a tune up and resolve my problems I didnt take him up on his offer especially since he could'nt resolve the first problem. I have tried to run the dell system restore but when it comes up I am unable to select the restore part it will only let me select boot without changes. I had a virus back awhile ago and was able to somewhat get rid of it but now Im not so sure it is gone. I am somewhat experienced with computers and have tried everything I could come up with so I came across your forum and decided to join and give yall a try PLEASE HELP!!!!!!!!!!
Thanks Terry

descriptionRe: Can not boot in safe mode

We should start with a few scans to make sure your computer is clean. If you wish to start a new thread in the malware forum, I will be glad to help.
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