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trying to get files from old hard drive,removed hard drive from newer pc and replaced it with older one every thing went okay as were both windows systems but could not get by sign-in.newer pc wireless older was broadband maybe going down wrong route any info would be gratefull

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If I understand what you have written, you removed a hard drive from a newer PC, and put an older hard drive in its place?  Is it rejecting your sign in info or is there no input when you try? I'm sorry, but I didn't understand what you meant about "newer pc wireless older was broadband."  Under your avatar it says your OS is 2000, being 13 years old.  You put a 13 year old OS along with old, outdated drivers and files into a newer PC?  I would say the problem is hardware/software incompatibility.

Wait, meant the older PC was broadband (Ethernet cable) and the newer was wireless. I don't see what that would have to do with being unable to log in to Windows.
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