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descriptionSolvedSlow Downstream

A little less than a week ago I noticed a significant decline in loading times. Using I'm getting 0.27Mbps DOWN, but the UP is 1.46Mbps which is normal. The ping is also normal. The connection on my xBox, smart tv, and iphone is fine. Using the app on my iphone I get 8 to 9Mbps DOWN which is what the computer used to get. I ran a full scan with Malwarebytes that came back empty. Using the troubleshooter in Windows 7 it said that the "local area connection" is not working properly. I reset the router, uninstalled the Belkin USB wireless adapter driver, downloaded said driver from the Belkin website and installed it. Still no change. I'm at a loss.


After downloading the latest updates from Microsoft the problem has seem to fixed itself. Thanks!
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