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descriptionAsus G51vx

Hey guys, i know this is only semi-appropriate for a hardware section but...
Basically about a year ago the laptop in question suffered some liquid damage, i did everything i could to repair the damage, but unfortunately my hard-drive failed me. I bought a new Western Digital Scorpio blue, took the machine apart and sorted that.
The problems that the laptop still has are : some keys fail to work, p and backspace are random as to when they decide to work (on this note, i pushed backspace so many times in anger of it not working, that i broke one of the clips and so now it isn't attached properly)
The fan is incredibly noisy, probably due to having overheated in the past because of residue.
As far as i can tell, these are the only problems, but my question to you guys is, given these problems, how much is it worth? or is it better to just sell the parts?
I want rid of it and i want a new laptop, but i don't know how much this is worth?
Thanks guys

descriptionRe: Asus G51vx

Have you considered getting another keyboard?
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