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I have a compaq computer and I cannot get online! System restore does not work and when I press f10 for I get a menu but not the program that should be there. I click on internet explorer and it comes up and then disappears...also the virus program i have when i clicked on it to update it appeared to update but the windows update do not go thru..any there any other way to access the program the f10 or f11 is supposed to access? Any other suggestions would help also is there a way to reload windows with out the cd should I need to reload this.



descriptioncompaq computer EmptyRe: compaq computer

Hey there, from what I understand you are saying that your system will not connect to the internet. Windows Update does not work, Internet Explorer will close on it's own, but you security software does update. You are having issues loading you recovery program foo your computer.

Make sure that when you initially start your computer tat you press and hold F11 as soon as you turn on your computer.

This should load up the recovery, from there, you should be able to select and option that could allow you to do a full factory restore.
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