Better laugh.... I have an old PC equipped with a mobo Asus P5GZ-MX, 2 Gb memory, 1 80 Gb HDD Maxtor IDE, 1 DVD/RW and 1 CD/RW. No sound card, no video card. When I tried to boot it, the system hang on the logo screen. Rebooted while holding the DEL key and system hang again after the message Initializing USB controllers...Done.
This is what I tried so far:
1. Clear the CMOS and reboot .... Same message.
2. Clear the CMOS after removing the memory and reboot with 1 stick of memoruy... Same message.
3. Retried with the second stick.... Same message.
4. Clear the CMOS, reinstall the memory, reboot and.....same message.
5. Removed the HDD, installed a 160Gb SATA and retried. Same thing again.
6. Installed a new PSU and a new CMOS battery
I still can not access the CMOS to reset it.
I am trying to fix this PC to give it to a kid I know. Does anyone have an idea on what else I could do to have it working, apart bying a new mobo etc.

Thanks in advance