Here's the problem. Ten month ago I bought a new Dell XPS 8500 with i7 and brought it to Colombia. It has worked like a dream until it quit connecting to the internet. My service provider told me to take it to a cumputer shop in the city of Cali and have them replace the LAN card. They did with a "standard" card and testing it out in their office everything worked fine. I brought it home to my housein the country (where I've been using it these ten months) and tried to turn it on. It wouldn't. Instead the light in the button flashed and the computer made a beeping sound: beep beep beep...beep beep beep etc. I took it back to the shop, they plugged it in, turned it on and it worked. I have since tried plugging it in to other electrical outlets in the city and it always turns on. In my home I have tried plugging into a UPS and also a stabalizer. No change, just beep beep beep. So it seems that something occured during the repair that made the computer especially sensitive to the energy source which evidently is slightly different out here in the country. Any ideas what's wrong and how to fix it? If it's a question of original Dell parts I'll have to send it up to Dell in Bogotá but of course they are impossible to reach. Also they may not want to deal with it since that machine is not sold by them here. Thanks for your thoghts.