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descriptionResolution problem - Help

I was on my PC cleaning it up because I am giving it to a friend. I built a brand new gaming PC. All of a sudden it locked up and I just power it down manually by holding the power switch. I turn it back on, and it recognized the force shutdown, but I told it to boot like normal, then it goes to a screen saying "checking for inconstant in drivers" or something along those lines. It finishes, says nothing, then boots like normal. However, the resolution is all jacked up. It is set to 1024 by 768. My monitor is 1680 by 1050. When I go to display setting the only options that is giving me is 1024 by 768, and 800 by 600. I updated the video card to the newest driver, but it did not work. I get frustrated and unplug the PC, and plug in my brand new gaming PC, and the resolution is jacked up. Same two options available. I plugged my 19inch tv that I have laying around up to my new pc with an HDMI cable, and it is at a better resolution, and lets me select many options.

Does this mean that my monitor is jacked up? Can I fix this?

I would like to add that my device manager says "Generic Non-PnP Monitor." I have an Envision G218A1 monitor.

descriptionRe: Resolution problem - Help

So you have having the same problem with the resolution with two different computers? What connection are you using with the monitor DVI or VGA?
See if you can find a driver update for the monitor. If not then most likely an issue with the monitor.
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