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descriptiontoshiba L675-076

My laptop, toshiba l675-076, will not start into windows 7. I get a black screen after the Toshiba logo. I have tried the 0 key, but i get directed into window boot manager. I can't get into safe mode. When I hit F8 before start up i get the black screen. I'm a first timer so I hope someone can help me.

descriptionRe: toshiba L675-076

If you have the install disk that came with your computer you should be able to boot from it and do a repair. Actually, your computer probably didn't come with the disk. If that's the case, you should have received instructions on how to make it.

Boot to the disk.
Answer the questions about the keyboard.
Do not chose INSTALL, you want REPAIR YOUR COMPUTER.
It'll try to repair your computer for you.

Isn't that nice?

descriptionRe: toshiba L675-076

They never gave me instructions. Looks like i have to pry open the wallet and pay Toshiba the fee since my warranty ended in April.
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