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descriptionWill PCs seriously speed up AGAIN???

I have an old 3.2GHz Dell XPS w/2GB ram. It can perform the same calculations in a few seconds that it took my ancient 486 about a month(!) to do. I recently benchmarked (using fritz benchmark) a couple of late model PCs. I was extreeeemly disappointed; they performed the calculations LESS THAN 5 TIMES FASTER!!!

Why aren't new PCs 100s if not 1,000s of times faster than my old Dell???


Apparently, the 'New Paradigm' is not how fast PCs are; but how many CPUs can be stuffed on a Motherboard. Sooo..., in order to get the kind of performance I want, I'll need a Motherboard with at least 64 CPU's on it??? Hooray!

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descriptionRe: Will PCs seriously speed up AGAIN???

Microsofgt is on a mission to do away with PC's
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