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descriptionproblems with drop down menus/scrolling

I am having the hardest time with any program (my own or on the web). Anytime I am required to use a drop down menu or scroll bar to select items, it (scroll bar/menu) automatically reverts to what ever is first on the list or already shown in the box (for drop down menu). I have ran all my anti-virus, spybot and malware progams both normally and in safe mode and nothing has been found. Any idea how to fix this problem since it really is limiting what I can do on here. I currently have a Dell Studio laptop that is running Vista.

descriptionRe: problems with drop down menus/scrolling


Download OTL by OldTimer to your Desktop.

  • Close all windows and double click OTL.exe
  • Click Run Scan and let the program run uninterrupted
  • It will produce two logs for you, one will pop up - OTL.txt, the other will be saved on your Desktop - Extras.txt. Post both logs in this thread.
  • You may need to use two posts to get it all.
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