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descriptionSolvedAGP/PCI/PCI Express

heys! u know not long ago...
i realised that there's a difference between a PCI and a PCI-E slot... the length...
but when i'm outside.. opening up computers Goofy
i kind of cant really differentiate them.. i know the length is much much longer for a PCI-E...
but scarly i go buy a PCI-E graphic card without even knowing that my motherboard does not have the slot!

so if anyone can or have or know how to find..
can post a picture of a AGP, PCI and a PCI-E slot? and tell me the difference in the shape and whatsoever?

and what can a PCI slot support besides a soundcard and lancard?
and does PCI-E and AGP only support graphic accelerators?

thanks! XD

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

The comparison between each of them:

AGP/PCI/PCI Express Sata-p10

A PCI-E Slot:

AGP/PCI/PCI Express Asrock10

A PCI Slot:

AGP/PCI/PCI Express Pci-sl11

An AGP slot:

AGP/PCI/PCI Express 800px-11

Typical PCI cards used in PCs include: network cards, sound cards, modems, extra ports such as USB or serial, TV tuner cards and disk controllers. Historically video cards were typically PCI devices, but growing bandwidth requirements soon outgrew the capabilities of PCI.

The Accelerated Graphics Port (also called Advanced Graphics Port, often shortened to AGP), as it's name suggests, it only support graphic accelerators.

The PCE-E supports graphics cards, 10 Gigabit Ethernet cards and multiport Gigabit Ethernet cards etc.

Hope this helps. Awesome (sparkly)

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

ooooooooooooo.. coooooll...

nice find!!! erm.. about the 2nd pic... the one wif the yellow, 1 white big and 1 white small, red.

both the white big and red are PCI-E slots?

and what's the dff between PCI-E 1X, 16X, X slots?

which is suitable for graphic cards?

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

AGP, PCI and a PCI-E slots are basically all expansion card can run soundcards, lancards, wirless network adaptor cards, graphics cards and any other expansion cards in them all as long as the particular card is compatible for the particular interface ie. you cant run an AGP expansion card in a PCI slot and visa versa.

The main difference between these interfaces is the data transfer speeds that they incorporate (besides looking 'physically' different from each other).

PCI-E is the latest interface of them all that offers the greatest data speeds. ie. A single PCI Express lane, however, can handle 200 MB of traffic in each direction per second. This is obviously much faster than that of PCI or AGP.

To find out which interfaces your motherboard supports you dont need to physically pull your case covers off to have a can use this freeware program that lists all your motherboard and other hardware specs.

Most PCI-E slots are black and are slimmer than PCI slots which are usually white (AGP slots are commonly grey)

AGP/PCI/PCI Express Pcieslotsme6


Edit: Dang.....sorry Doc, didnt see you there!

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

ooooooo.. icicicic... thanks lots!!! XDD

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

oh wow there's a big difference hee hehe

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

Digitalocksmith wrote:

Edit: Dang.....sorry Doc, didnt see you there!

It's ok, was expecting you to post, wasn't too sure what I was saying too. Cheesy Grin (sparkly

descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

Lol....I thought your post was better.

I was uploading my pic and took to long to post cause you beat me to the buzzer.

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descriptionSolvedRe: AGP/PCI/PCI Express

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