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How to solve common AutoComplete problems in IE7


How to solve common AutoComplete problems in IE7

AutoComplete is a feature that you have surely encountered in Internet Explorer and its purpose is to list the possible matches from entries that you've typed before. This applies to web pages, registration forms, user names and passwords that you fill with your personal identification details.
The most common issues with AutoComplete are related to the decisions you make regarding its prompting message. When typing your username and password to login on a webpage such as Yahoo Mail or GMail, you can do one or both of these actions:

  • Check the option "Don't offer to remember any more passwords" and then realize that you miss this feature and you want the message to appear again.

  • Or
  • When loading a webpage that requires your username and password, if you click on the "No" button, then come back later and click again on "No", the AutoComplete prompt will stop showing up for that page. However, there is a chance that you will later realize that you might want to save that password.

In this short tutorial I will show you how to quickly overpass these problems.
The first problem can be solved quite easily.
AutoComplete Passwords
For the beginning, you need to find AutoComplete in Internet Explorer 7. Open IE7, click the Tools button from the right side menu and then select Internet Options.

AutoComplete Passwords
In the new window, click on the Content tab and you will find Autocomplete.
AutoComplete Passwords
Click on the Settings button as shown above.
AutoComplete Passwords
Now, check the option that says 'Prompt me to save passwords'. This means that, from now on, the AutoComplete window will pop-out each time you enter a new user name and password.

In order to solve the second problem, you have to delete all your current passwords from IE7.

Open Internet Explorer 7, click the Tools button again and then select Internet Options.
AutoComplete Passwords
In the new window, click the Delete button that can be found in the 'Browsing history' session.

AutoComplete Passwords

Now click on the 'Delete passwords...' button from the Passwords section.
ATTENTION: This procedure will delete ALL saved passwords. If you have important passwords that you can't remember, you might want to install a software that reveals all the passwords that IE7 has saved by that time (for example: IE Passview).
AutoComplete Passwords
A confirmation window will appear. Click Yes, then click Close and then OK. Now, the AutoComplete option will be available again.

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Source Article: How to solve common AutoComplete problems in IE7
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