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Missing buttons from the Windows Contacts toolbar?


Missing buttons from the Windows Contacts toolbar?

Many of our readers reported having problems with their Windows Contacts application. It seems that depending on how you configure Windows Explorer, it might happen that the traditional Windows Contacts buttons disappear. If you notice that you no longer have any of the following buttons: New Contact, New Contact Group, Import and Export, continue reading this tutorial and learn how to put them back on your toolbar.

First, launch Windows Contacts. Then, click on Organize and select Properties.
Windows Contacts
In the Contacts Properties window, go to the Customize tab. Here you can choose the folder type to be used for Windows Contacts. Most probably this is now changed to All Items, Documents or Music.

Windows Contacts
Beneath the text area that says 'Use this folder as a template', there is a selection box with items. Click on it, select Contacts and then click OK.
Windows Contacts
Your Windows Contacts toolbar will now return to normal.
Windows Contacts

Source Site: Windows Vista for Beginners - Windows Vista tutorials
Source Article: Missing buttons from the Windows Contacts toolbar?
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