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descriptionAnti-Virus System PRO Takeover!

I am so frustrated. I am unable to download any of the software that you have suggested to eradicate this virus from my desktop computer. I am even writing this post from my laptop because I can't log on to this site from my computer due to this virus. Whenever I type in an address, it is quickly converted to a phony Windows site that promotes an anti-virus software. I am no computer guru, but I know that something is not right about the Anti-virus system PRO pop-ups. I am unable to download hijackthis or anyother software. When I do get to a site that is not redirected to system PRO, the download is terminated. I can't open any files on my computer and viagra and porn sites pop-up without even connecting to the interenet (by the way I use internet explorer to connect to the internet). I constantly get error messages saying that files are infected and asking if I want to get rid of it. I even have a message when I turn on my computer stating that I have a counterfeit version on Windows. I need some help and I need it fast. If you can be of any assistance, I would be greatly appreciative. Trust me.

descriptionRe: Anti-Virus System PRO Takeover!

Read this guide by Doctor Inferno

How to Remove Antivirus System PRO (Removal Guide)

When you finish with Removal, please read THIS topic, and post your HijackThis log file here.

Wait for instructions given only by DragonMaster Jay , Origin or Belahzur
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