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descriptionMalware Issues and Thanks

Thanks Guys for being here and being legit. I have in the recent past installed a malware remover program that was actually malware. (What a pain) I do have four computers in my home but they are all for personal use or school for the kids. I homeschool my oldest daughter and she put a nasty Windows Protection Malware on my laptop yesterday. I thought I had removed it but turned out it didnt. So I came to the Geek Police and it is now gone. This computer that I am now on, I had to do a system recovery because of Malware. It disabled everything. I really appreciate your help. We are on a tight budget but as soon as we recover financially I will be looking to purchase the upgrade or make a donation. If it werent for people like you, I would have lost three computers. My name is Lee and I am new to Geek Police, I am a female...(to the one who asked if she were the only female) and I do have moderate computer training. Unfortunately, I am not advanced but am learning everyday. Thanks again guys.

descriptionRe: Malware Issues and Thanks

Glad we could help Lee! Smile...
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